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Built into your computer is a mapping system, or grid, complete with the ability to pinpoint any location or coordinate in the application window. This grid is laid out in the common x,y format-x being the horizontal units of measure starting from the left side of the screen, and y being the units starting from the top of the screen. It's easy to see that 0,0 would be the upper left corner of the screen. Now, if you're only using your computer for word processing, then you have no real use for knowing exactly where your cursor is. But in the painting and drawing world, knowing these coordinates is very helpful-to say the least-and it's essential in a lot of instances. Nearly all graphic and page layout applications give you a separate window which shows the coordinates of where your cursor is located at any given moment. By watching your coordinates you can move, create, shape, or select objects or portions thereof with great precision.

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